remote antenna switching boxes design

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Home Brew Things
Apr 19, 2012 . It includes a drawing of the requisite hub as designed by Ken Muggli . The DC motor in all remotely tuned antennas operate basically the same way. . The simple looking rocker switch shown at right is an i-Box® (about $75) .

Remote Coax Switch
6x2 Coaxial Remote Antenna Switch. Coax Switch. 6x2 Antenna Coax Switch Completed unit showing weatherproof relay box and station control unit.

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. of the IF232; Remote ATU - a long-term work-in-progress; Rotator control box repair . Remote antenna switch - multiple antennas out in the field share the same . I may go for the dual-balanced ATU design published by AG6K in QST Mar .

Antenna Switch - i1wqrLinkRadio
Remote Control,Automatic Antenna Switch,selection switch.

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Quad Antenna
is designed to provide maximum gain where it is required in four distinct sectors. The antenna may . Antennas are switched using a PIN diode to a common antenna port on the base of the . The system includes the quad sector antenna, remote antenna switching box, and a stainless steel mounting bracket. Quad Antenna .

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Antenna Switch - Technical Reference: Antenna Switch
Antenna switch projects. . Antenna switch projects. (Featuring .

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Our new QTH came with 2½ acres of land and antenna farm dreaming was . thought I would ever need, and installed switch boxes for remote selection of the antennas. . There is plenty of material on the nternet covering design of suitable .

MFJ-4712 2 Position Remote Antenna Switch Product Reviews
Description: MFJ 2-position remote antenna switch uses single coax feedline to feed . 1500 Watts/50-75 Ohms. 4Wx25/8Hx11/2D inch Outside Switch Box is fully . As I was designing my antenna system, I placed my tower in what felt like an .

Until then Read a more accurate description of the remote antenna switching boxes design at data warehousing training in india
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How to Hook Up a Digital Antenna & Cable |
To watch the channel(s) you need to switch to the antenna input on the television. If your cable box is also a DVR, you will not be able to record the channels . Change the input of the television with the remote control to match the cable TV input you used. . A high-definition antenna is designed to pick up high-definition.

11:19 AM on 12/27/2007

The design of this antenna is incredible, and it's performance is not to be . A look at the new DX Engineering Remote Coax Switch safely mounted in the box.

07:44 AM on 12/27/2007

5 Band Cubical Quad
I wanted an antenna that .... 1. Would not be . It is a Boomless (spider quad, gem quad)design. It uses . In this box I have a homebrew remote antenna switch.

07:26 AM on 12/27/2007

Simplicity in design also allows for easy installation. The new . Complete remote accessibility . Dual antenna solution with software-managed switch box .

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Remote Antenna Switch . They are designed to feed an antenna via coax. . Although I chose to enclose the PCB in a metal box, the design on the net shows .

03:24 AM on 12/27/2007 > Software > External Radios
Note: the external radio support is only available in version 1.4 build 680 or higher. . use an antenna splitter or a switching box such as SWITCH BOX from ELAD. . This logfile is designed for use by the developers to assist .

Switches, Buy new and used products from Ham Radio, Accessories ...
Results 1 - 48 of 55 . Mobile Antenna Mounts & Cable Assemblies; Morse Keys .

Don and Pat's Website - Delta loop array
I've been using large multi-band ladder line fed loop antennas with good success for many years. . W8WW 40 meter parasitic delta loop array - Comprehensive design and . Constructed a remote control switch box consisting of a waterproof .

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Two-Radio Contesting - TR LOG - Support
Two-Radio Contesting Support. Even modest stations can .

The SixPak is an RF relay matrix designed to switch 6 antenna feedlines to two . SixPak relay enclosure (left) and switching control box (right). Configured as a 6X1 matrix, the SixPak makes an ideal, high-performance remote antenna switch.

(antenna switches, band pass filters, stack boxes ...) depending on . outputs for switch boxes are designed as voltage sources and have built-in short and . RELAY BOARD when connecting TTD 6 way remote antenna switch, or any other .

User Manual - Box Design by Pro-Ject Audio Systems
Antenna input. Connects any antenna cable with a co-axial DIN-plug / US-model F-plug. Remote switch-on. The pre amplifier Pro-Ject Pre Box provides a trigger .

Dave's Homemade Loop Antennas at MAKEARADIO.COM
But if you are designing your own loop antenna, please read on. . I used litz wire between the loop terminals and the base box. Earlier I had . The radio antenna is switched between the loop coupling coil, or an external antenna and ground.

01:14 AM on 12/27/2007

Two Radio Control Box
I built this control box to help with using two radios in contests. . The main criteria in designing the antenna switching configuration was to never switch an .

01:01 AM on 12/27/2007

MFJ-4726 6-Position Desktop/Remote Transceiver/Antenna Switch ...
MFJ-4726 6-Position Desktop/Remote Transceiver/Antenna Switch product . and discovered that there needed to be a coax from the box to the box, it worked great. . The latter obviously wasn't designed with maintenance in mind, the nuts .

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USB/FireWire Hubs & Switch Boxes - Micro Center
Hot Ad Deals, Closeout, Audio/Video Switch, Switchboxes, USB/FireWire Hubs. . Brand new products that have overstayed their welcome... Open Box » Gently .


What is the best manual antenna switch? -
I am using a Top Ten Devices 6 way relay box to switch my antennas with . Hopefully the guy that designed the filter also did their switch. . Using a remote coax switch inside the shack seems silly..but it works very well and is very reliable.